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The Indecent Proposal - Acryl on canvas - 100 x 140 cm

My Boudoir..."In the waiting room of  love"... (Lut Clinke) 

Inspired by the sweet memories of my first love and my deepest desire to find true love, I created my imaginary Boudoir, my place to be at ease, a collection of romantic and naughty paintings.

My Boudoir tells the story of an impossible love between James and Her Ladyship and it expresses the variety of emotions involved: romantic feelings, nostalgic emotions, joy, bliss, compassion, hope and despair, tenderness, frustration, unconditional love, ...

These feelings enabled me to paint with passion in a very authentic way and with loose brush strokes.  

At the tones of  Mozarts Zauberflöte and La Nozze di Figaro I imagined myself living in the most beautiful interiors, very at ease and experiencing romantic moments. 

 I aimed to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. I love chandeliers and in several paintings I used mirrors and  windows with a view. Mirroring has been very important in my own growth process and the windows show there's always another perspective and hope.   

To feel even more at home I painted some decorative elements of my own place. Inspired by Pierre Bonnard who was a master in painting domestic scene, Winston my deceased cat also found his place in My Boudoir. The imaginary Royal Poodle gave me the love I needed when James wasn't available.

I invite you to visit "My Boudoir" and hope you wil feel at ease!


November 15 - December 11 from 13.00 until 18.30 except Monday

Gallery Martin van Blerk Antwerp

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