11 September, 25 September, 2 October  2022 (12-5 pm) Antwerp 


Lambermontmartre is one of Europ's biggest Art Markets for painters with a cosy French ambiance. I will be showing and selling the main painting of my upcoming exhibition "My Boudoir". "The indecent Proposal" will be sold by a sealed bid auction (bod onder gesloten omslag). Bidding starts on 29 May. Disclosure of the winning bid on November 17 during the Vernissage at Gallery M. van Blerk (Mechelse Steenweg Antwerp)


THE INDECENT PROPOSAL (acryl on canvas, 100 cm x 140 cm)

Sealed Bid Auction (Bieden onder gesloten omslag)

Starting price: 2800 euro (excl. 6% VAT)

From 29 May until 17 November 2022

Disclosure winning bid: 17 November during Vernissage