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My name is Sophie Meeus, born  on July 13 th 1967.  I live in Antwerp Belgium. As a child I was passionate about drawing, inventing things and I would never leave the house without a bow in my hair or a hat.  I dreamed of becoming famous! But things turned out differently. I studied law and had a career of  25 years in Insurance and Debt-collection. This ended up in a burn-out, followed by a  period of healing and searching for the real me. Not surprising, I'm a High Sensitive Person and I suffered from PTSS due to early loss of loved ones. 

And so, in that search, Sophie de la Pépinière was born.  I bought a sketchbook and some pencils, opened an Instagram account ( and started to draw and build  my new world. I make paintings and I love to design and create beautiful objects, ceramics, jewelry, accessories and gifts.

It all happens at "La Pépinière" Residence in Antwerp. 

My creativity flows when I'm working at my little round table in front of my window, view on the King Albert Park. I see trees, flowers and even rabbits. Spring and summertime are my favorite seasons, I open my window and  enjoy to talk with people passing by.

La Pépinière was built in 1930 and designed in Beaux-Art style by  Fernand de Montigny and Louis Somers.

The name Pépinière refers to the botanical garden the French created in 1803. This garden was until 1861 a private place and was named after King Albert only in 1919. 

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